American Flags should be made IN AMERICA

Made in China American Flag

Check your labels. Sunward Flags Flag are 100% Made in America.

As of 2014, American flags made in foreign lands are no longer flying over military bases.

Under a new law signed as part of the 2014 omnibus appropriations bill, any flag purchased by the Defense Department is required to be 100 percent made in America. Rep. Mike Thompson, D-Calif., who wrote the legislation, said he did so for economic as well as symbolic reasons.

“I thought it was appalling our Department of Defense would have flags made in other countries,” Thompson, told CBS San Francisco shortly after the legislation was signed into law. “But it’s also important because we need to be making more in America.”

Dale Coots, marketing manager for Annin Flagmakers, in Roseland, N.J., said the new legislation is a positive step, but says other issues regarding flag imports remain unresolved, including the Federal Trade Commission’s lack of enforcement on flag labeling.

“An American flag is considered a textile,” she said. “And a lot of flags that sell online don’t have any origin label, which is required under U.S. law.”

At Sunward Flag, we pride ourselves on using 100% American supplies and labor. When you purchase and fly and American Flag, it represents something. Using and displaying a Chinese made American flag isn’t illegal (as a private citizen)…or even uncommon. But isn’t it worth it to spend a little more to support American labor? It’s the principle of the matter!

In all honesty, nobody is going to stop you and demand to see the tag on your flag, but don’t you want the peace of mind of knowing that your symbol of Patriotism and America, was made using domestic materials. If you want to buy your ceramic tiles or stuffed animal clothing from China, knock yourself out but when if there’s one thing you don’t want to buy on the cheap, it’s your flag.

Support everything America stands for. Buy American. Your conscience will thank you.

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