Our Applique Process

Let our art department help you create your custom design! From large flags to small personal flags,
our art department can take your design to reality and create your ideal flag.


The Approval Process

Our art department takes your graphics and converts them to a digital pattern. The pattern is sized to your specifications and a proof is sent to you for your final approval.


Making the Pattern

Once approved, a pattern is made and printed from our plotter.
The outline of the pattern is then traced onto the different colored materials that will be used to recreate your graphic.


Applique the Design

Once the pattern is traced onto the Nylon flag material, the process of assembling begins. The design is recreated by layering the different colors of material using a zig zag stitch on both the front and back sides of the actual flag until the flag itself is complete. The design is generally made as a single reverse flag in which the design reads correctly on the front and in reverse on the back, but can also be made as a double sided flag.


The Great Reveal

Using our time honored “cut-away” technique, the excess fabric is removed until the original design remains in a vivid, textural representation of the original concept.



Once patterning, drawing, stitching and cutting is done, the flag seams are double rolled and four rows of stitching are sewn at the fly end. The flag is then finished to your

specifications with either header and grommets, sleeve or snap hook and ring.

Artwork Requirements

Provide artwork/graphics in a print ready format:
.eps (Encapsulated Post Script)
.ai (Adobe Illustrator Document)
.pdf (Portable Document Format)
Raster files:
minimum of 150 DPI at actual print size (100%)

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