Custom Guidons

If you’re in the market for a custom Guidon, Sunward Flag is your one-stop shop for your entire set up. We will listen to your needs and carefully craft the perfect Guidon for your upcoming ceremony. We have been making custom flags for the military for years, so we know how important the little details are. We manufacture your custom Guidons in-house and stock all the poles, stands and streamer holders that you might need for your presentation or promotional ceremony. No matter which branch of our military you represent, we will make your Guidon to specifications.

So whether you’re Navy, USMC, Army, Air Force or Coast Guard, we’ve got the goods to help you get those extra stripes.

Custom Streamers

Streamer flag
streamers flag 2
Streamers flag 1
streamers flag 3

Need streamers to go along with your flag? We can do that too. Following military specifications for each branch our ribbon is embroidered with the letters or numbers required.

We make the following streamers for all branches: Military Battle Streamers, Award Streamers, Campaign Streamers, Guidon Streamers, Unit Decoration Streamers, War Service Streamers, Unit Award Streamers, United States Unit Citations and Foreign Unit Citations.

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