The Installation Experience

The experience will begin with how your pole arrives on site. Encased in a hard cardboard protective sleeve, your pole will arrive in one piece, not two (that results in a seam line half way up the pole). The finish will be consistent, clean, and neat with no irregularities, scratches or imperfections.

Once onsite, your contractor will review the instructions for installing the foundation sleeve. Our directions are superior to any others we have seen. They are written by people with years of experience installing poles, and that’s a very big difference.

Once the foundation is set, your contractor will begin the rigging. This involves installing the truck at the top of the pole and attaching the halyard. Our internal halyard poles come with a lead line already in place. They have only to attach the lead to the rope to pull it easily down the internal length of the pole. This eliminates the head scratching dilemma of, “How are we going to thread the rope down the inside of the pole?” The internal halyard poles also come with a flush mounted access door that has with no external hinges.

For the big finish, your pole will be standing, and the instructions will say, “insert wedges to plumb pole”. At Sunward Flag, we have a, “wedges and just about everything else you need is included policy”, so your contractor will find the needed wedges in the box with the parts. It’s a simple thing but is an example of taking care of the details that will make the pole installation go perfectly.

Remember that when you put in a pole, we will have been right where you are and we have seen what you are seeing. We look forward to working with you on your flagpole projects. Please give us a call to learn more about our flagpoles.

Our U.S. manufactured poles meet all of the city codes for flagpoles and we can provide wet-stamped engineering drawings if required for your installation.

Recurring Quarterly Service


Flagpole Drilling

Our Repair Services

Flags at the office looking tattered and torn? Tired of sending the intern out to buy a flag? He always comes back with the wrong size anyway….

Call us today to set up quarterly flagpole maintenance. We’ll come out, check your rigging and pole for issues, and while we’re up there, we’ll replace your flags! Guaranteed to be made in America and of the highest quality.

Jimmy the intern can’t offer you that…


So your flagpole is hurting. The flag won’t go all the way to the top. The rigging has jumped the truck. Its all rusty and you’re pretty sure a strong wind is going to knock everything to the ground.

But you don’t have the funds to replace it…what do you do?

Call us, of course. Our technicians can come out and offer a cost effective alternative. In most instances, a simple repair is all you need to get up and running again.

Photo BMW Pole installation with Crane

Have a flagpole all picked out but no clue how to actually get it in the ground? We can help.

Whether you’re installing a 30 footer on the side of a hill, or a 15 footer in some soil, we can help find a solution that fits your needs.