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Marine Corp Pole
Navy Pole
Army Pole
Air Force Pole

Our military flags feature the official designs for the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps. Made from our long-lasting Nyl-Glo material they are dyed in brilliant colors and finished with header and brass grommets and reinforced fly ends for displaying outdoors. The 3’x5’ and 4’x6’ sized flags are also available with a sleeve and gold fringe for parades and indoor use.

Larger sizes and sewn (applique) versions are also available by request! 
Just give us a call at (858) 689-8444 for an estimate.

Flag Size


4” x 6” on 10” staff $3.50 Buy Now
2’ x 3’ $29.40 Buy Now
3’ x 5’ $39.00 Buy Now
3’ x 5’ with Pole Sleeve & Gold Fringe $64.10 Buy Now
3’ x 5’ 2-Ply Polyester $64.00 Buy Now
4’ x 6’ $ 59.30 Buy Now
4’ x 6’ with Pole Sleeve & Gold Fringe $99.30 Buy Now
5’ x 8’ $ 79.10 Buy Now
6’ x 10’ $195.00 Buy Now

Mounted Armed Forces Flag Sets
Includes all five 4” x 6” Armed Forces flags plus a U.S. flag and a round plastic stand. $ 14.00

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Double Faced Outdoor POW-MIA Flag:
Our double faced POW-MIA (Prisoners Of War – Missing In Action) flags are essential for commemorating our brothers and sisters.

Purchase one today and fly them high in their honor!

Outdoor POW-MIA
Outdoor POW-MIA
Flag Size Faced Nylon Single Face Nylon Double Faced Shop
2’ x 3’ $16.75 $33.15 Buy Now
3’ x 5’ $31.95 $50.30 Buy Now
4’ x 6’ $57.95 $41.85 Buy Now
5’ x 8’ $71.85 $101.80 Buy Now