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Custom Flag info and process

Sunward Flag is a small business with over 25 years of experience specializing in custom flag creation. We are proud to help individuals, companies, and organizations create bold and tailored flags that represent you or your organization, for any occasion. Our team works with you directly from the design to production stage, providing expert guidance when needed. Our in-house graphic artists can turn any ideas you have to life.

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Step one: design

Step one: design

Send us your flag design in vector format (ESP, SVG, AI) to expedite your custom order (and avoid an art fee). If you do not have artwork please send us your idea or any references. Our in house graphics team will help bring your vision to life.

step two: Flag style

step two: Flag style

Applique (Hand Sewn): Each appliqued flag is hand stitched by our expert flag makers and individually crafted. This is one of the oldest techniques for flag creation. By sewing together different layers of fabrics then cutting away the top layer by hand, we create bold flags with color blocked designs. This option works best with simple designs without color gradations. If your design is very complex, we recommend digital printing for best results.


Digitally Printed: This is the most popular and cost-effective option when buying large quantities of digitally printed flags. With top of the line Reggiani digital printers and a spectrum of UV resistant inks, your design can be directly printed onto our fabrics to create stunning and vibrant custom flags. The complexity of design and number of colors are unlimited for this popular option.

step three: single or double sided

step three: single or double sided

Single-Side Reverse: Your design will read correctly on the front side and display a mirrored image on the back side of your flag. This is the most popular option when creating custom flags. The ink penetrates through a single layer of fabric, resulting in a light-weight flag, great for flying outside.

Double Sided: Your design will read correctly on the front and back with this option. This effect is achieved by creating two identical flags and sewing them together. Because this option requires two pieces of fabric to be joined together, double-sided flags are heavy. It will take more wind to get them flying freely. If you are looking for a flag to display indoors or use in parade sets, this is a great option.

*Did you know that most flags only have the “correct” facing design on one side? Even the U.S. flag has a mirrored image on the back. Single-Side Reverse is a great and cost effective option.

step four: Flag finish

step four: Flag finish

You have several options for flag finishes. The most popular option is a header and grommets that allow you to attach your flag to any standard pole. Below are more options to consider.

Header & Grommets: Most of our flags are finished with a white canvas header and reinforced with two brass grommets. Headers usually are sewn on the left horizontal side of your flag, giving it a reinforced edge to help attach to outdoor poles.

Pole Sleeve: A pole sleeve is a canvas sleeve attached to your flag to allow a pole to slide through and display your flag. There are two options for pole sleeves.

Indoor Pole Sleeves: This sleeve has an opening at the top and bottom to allow a pole to slide through. If your pole has a ball or eagle at the top, this is a great option.

Hemmed: If you are planning to frame your flag or not fly it on a pole, we can also hem all four corners of your flag and omit any header or sleeve.

Step five: production time

Step five: production time

Our timelines vary depending on the time of year. For larger quantity orders, timelines may be longer. We recommend letting us know any in-hand dates as soon as possible so we can do our best to meet your needs.

Digitally Printed Flags: 2-3 weeks

Applique Flags: 3-6 weeks

Please keep in mind that Summer is our busiest time of year. If you need your flag by a specific date, we recommend placing an order earlier rather than later.

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