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Complete Set of International Code Signal Flags - 40 Flags

Original price $1,786.00 - Original price $3,382.00
Original price
$1,786.00 - $3,382.00
Current price $1,786.00

Complete set of international signal flags, total of 40 flags.

-26 alphabet signal flags A-Z

-10 numerical pennant flags 0-9

-1 Code and answering pennant

-3 substitute or repeater flags

-Hand sewn 200 denier UV resistant nylon

-Multiple sizes available

-Option of Ash Toggle, Snap hook & ring, or header & grommet finish

-Made in San Diego, CA

At Sunward Flag we hand sew each of our international code signal flags. We are proud to offer high quality custom made nautical flags. This full set contains alphabet signal flags, numerical pennants, substitute pennants and a code and answering flag. All of our signal flags are custom made to order, please contact us for updated lead time on larger orders.