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20' Residential Sectional Flagpole Kit

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-20' aluminum sectional flagpole

-5 sections of 16 gauge anodized aluminum fit together for a smooth finish

-All rigging included, rope and 2 nylon snaps

-3'' diameter gold anodized aluminum ball ornament attaches to metal truck 

-3'x5' hand sewn U.S. flag included

-18'' PVC Ground sleeve included for easy installation

This 20' aluminum flagpole set is our most affordable and popular choice for a residential pole. It features five sections of 16 gauge anodized seamless aluminum tubing. Together they form 20' of smooth flagpole surface with a seamless finish. The set includes a metal truck and a pulley wheel which are topped with a gold anodized aluminum ball ornament. The halyard rope threads through the pulley wheel and holds your flag with the help of 2 nylon snaps. Also included is a 3'x5' hand sewn U.S. flag. This is a great pole to install in a front yard. Our kit includes a PVC pipe for an easy install. 

In depth Installation instructions included in kit. For best results we recommend digging a small hole for the foundation to cement the PVC ground sleeve into place. Please feel free to contact us for additional information. 


-3'x5' Nylon US flag has embroidered star field and sewn stripes

-Silver anodized 16 gauge Aluminum seamless sections

-3" Diameter gold anodized aluminum ball ornament

-6" Cast aluminum cleat with mounting screws

-2" Cast aluminum truck with nylon pulley

 -2 Nylon flag snaps

-Solid braided flagpole halyard

-18" PVC Ground Sleeve

Weight: 13 lbs